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Steep Stone ~ Maen Serth

Steep Stone is 'Maen Serth' in Welsh. 

['maen' = stone and 'serth' = steep]

Maen Serth 

- the 'Steep Stone' - 

is an evocative standing stone, 

a singular monolith,

silent, solitary and old,

located on the very highest point of Esgair Dderw,

deep in Ellenith, the ancient heartland of the Cambrian Mountains.

Mysterious, secretive, enigmatic Elenydd.

 “…as far as the eye can see, and twice as far again, is silence and solitude...” 

The Steep Stone ~ Y Maen Serth

Made in Elenydd ~ Made in Wales

Steep Stone's new Central Wales - Elenydd climbing guidebook has been entirely 

written, photographed, designed, printed, bound and published in Elenydd.

Design, photography and artwork by Don Sargeant Graphics, Powys.

Ultra-high quality digital colour printing services by Cambrian Printers, Ceredigion.


Working in partnership with 

BMC Cymru, Natural Resources Wales, National Trust Wales, 

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water & Mid Wales Climbing

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