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Steep Stone ~ People


Steep Stone was conceived and created in 2017 by three members of The Climbers' Club - Doug Kerr, Don Sargeant and Dave Williams - with the sole aim of producing "innovative and visually inspiring climbing guidebooks"


Doug Kerr, although born in Wales, considers himself to be a honorary Englishman after living across the border  for most of his life. He has been rock climbing, on and off, for the best part of 40 years and is well on course to complete his target of 1000 new routes before senility has fully set in.


Following initial training in typography and graphic design, Don Sargeant enjoyed a ‘gap decade’ of climbing and travelling, before eventually settling in Mid Wales. He has climbed a significant number of new routes in the UK as well as in Morocco. His work for publishers of mountaineering books includes the production of artwork for over 60 rock climbing guidebooks. Don considers Central Wales - Elenydd to be his best effort yet.


Dave Williams, Steep Stone's managing partner, has climbed extensively on both rock and ice, at home and abroad. He has made a large number of first ascents in North, Mid and West Wales, as well as a few in Morocco's Anti-Atlas mountains.  A fluent Welsh speaker, hailing from a slate mining community in Snowdonia, Dave has lived and worked in Mid Wales for most of his adult life.

Steep Stone ~ Publications


"Central Wales is the end product of the many years of pleasure we have experienced climbing and exploring in Mid Wales’ 'empty quarter'. Somehow we ended up in a unique position, inadvertently becoming authors of the first ever rock climbing guide book to a long overlooked 

and unfairly neglected area."  

CENTRAL WALES -- A climber’s guide to Elenydd

Trad Climbing • Sport Climbing • Bouldering • 

• Sea level Traversing • Winter Climbing

Authors: Doug Kerr & Dave Williams

Design, artwork & photography: Don Sargeant

Additional photography: Sy Finch, Doug Kerr 

& Dave Williams

Imprint & Rights: Steep Stone Publishing/Steep Stone 

Publication Date: May 2018

Paperback, card cover, 280 pages

Full colour action photos, photodiagrams and maps

Printed by Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth

Distributed by Cordee, Leicester

ISBN: 978-0-9955953-0-9


Steep Stone ~ Projects

Dave Williams on the excellent 
"Mur Cefn Cam" (VS 5a), Cefn Cam, Rhinogydd [ ©Don Sargeant]

Above: Dave Williams on the excellent 

"Mur Cefn Cam" (VS 5a), Cefn Cam, Rhinogydd     

[ ©Don Sargeant] 

Steep Stone has now published a fully definitive interim guidebook to NE Wales' Berwynion  crags, written by Stuart Day, the local expert and activist. Stu's excellent script is a very thorough and much-needed update of the very dated information in the 2002 Climbers' Club Meirionnydd guidebook. Steep Stone's 2019 interim guidebook details a number of new routes and many updated descriptions  following a recent comprehensive crag clean-up. This is a great rock climbing venue that fully deserves to regain its former popularity, especially as virtually every climb has now been checked. 

In addition, work is well advanced on the new Welsh Grit guidebook, which will detail the very best of over 1800 single and multi-pitch climbs and boulder problems in the Rhinogydd. This is a significant mountain area in Central Snowdonia which is littered with boulders, outcrops and large cliffs, all composed of perfect gritstone. For the rock climber, this area is arguably one of Wales' greatest yet least-known  treasures. 

While  work on the new Rhinogydd guide steadily progresses, Steep Stone is  producing a short series of free definitive interim climbing guidebooks, with the aim of encouraging climbers to take a serious look at what the Rhinogydd has to offer in terms of rock  climbing. 



Steep Stone ~ Passion

 Written entirely from scratch, Steep Stone Publishing's new, definitive Mid Wales climbing guidebook has been painstakingly and lovingly researched, written, photographed and designed over a six year period by a dedicated and truly passionate local team.  Committed to high standards of quality and accuracy, Central Wales - Elenydd's  authors have succeeded in producing the first-ever climbing guidebook to Wales' long-overlooked 'empty quarter'.

Steep Stone ~ Place

Steep Stone's new Central Wales guidebook was entirely conceived, researched, written, photographed, designed, printed, bound and published in Mid Wales' Elenydd, the ancient heartland of the Cambrian Mountains. 

Design and Artwork by DS Graphics, Llandrindod Wells;

Digital Printing Services by Cambrian Printers, Aberystwyth.

Made in Elenydd ~ Made in Wales


A Sense of Place

Elenydd means the "area adjoining the Elan". Elen derives from

Elan, a river name which probably arises from the Welsh  word elain

meaning fawn or hind; -ydd is a suffix denoting a territory.  

Steep Stone ~ Past & Present


 [Maen Serth  ©Tim Prevett/Megalithic Portal]

The Steep Stone

Steep Stone translates as Maen Serth in Welsh

[maen = stone and serth = steep]

Maen Serth  is an evocative standing stone,  a solitary yet majestic grey monolith, stark, silent, noble and old, singularly located on the highest point of Esgair Dderw, deep in Ellenith, the ancient Celtic heartland of the Cambrian Mountains. Such stones, or maenhir,  have been an enduring and integral part of Elenydd's landscape for millennia. Rugged, old and weathered; time travellers like no other.

Mysterious, secretive, enigmatic Elenydd.

“…as far as the eye can see, and twice as far again, is silence and solitude...” 


Maen Serth  provided the inspiration for our ''Steep Stone'' name. 

Steep Stone publishes innovative and visually inspiring climbing guidebooks. 

Mid Wales Climbing @ Steep Stone



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